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Mastering logistics

PAX Groep is an allround logistics serivce provider. With a wide variety of services an answer to the most logistical demands can be given. With our own experts and equipment, we coordinate the complex logistics movements of our clients, worldwide.

PAX Groep consists of highly specialised companies offering a broad range of services: exceptional transport, container trucking, coil transport, distribution, warehousing, customs, air freight, groupage and process relocations.


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About PAX Groep

PAX Groep is a provider of logistics services in the construction and industry branches. PAX Groep offers a wide variety of logistics services that are related in terms of their nature, organisation and quality. In this way as many of the links in the logistics chain as possible can be taken over from our customers.

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History PAX Groep

It was a rough time in 1923 for agricultural labourer Pieter Plantinga. In order to put food on the table he decided, in addition to his work at the fields, to try his luck in the transportation of agricultural goods. With money borrowed from his former employer, he managed to buy a an old Ford TT Truck. The Ford (still flaunts at the entrance of the office in Heerenveen) was completely renovated and so he could, with quite some struggle, carry a cow and calf.

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Corporate social responsibility

Since the early years we have always understood the importance of social responsibility. We always act respectfully towards our employees, society and environment. This means that we ensure good working conditions and continually invest in the expertise and

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The dynamic world of PAX Groep

With 150,000 shipments each year and over 2,000 customers in 47 countries, not one day is ever the same at PAX Groep. Check out the infographic of PAX Groep.